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Providence Nursery Farms, Inc. offers sales and installation for hedge plants to the residents of Monroe, NC.  We have may sizes and species of plants to choose from.  Owner, Karl Haberyan is happy to help you design the hedge you want for decorative or practical function.

Hedge Plants:

Description Tall in Feet
Wide in Feet
Cleyera 10-12 5-6
Camellia (shade only) 10-18 10-12
Fortune's Tea Olive 10-12 10

Hollies (Ilex)

                      Dwarf Burfordi
                      Nellie Stevens





Waxleaf Ligustrum 20-25 20
Chindo Viburnum 20-25 15-18
Wax Myrtle 20-25 15-20
Green Giant Arborvitae 40-50 10-15
Japanese Cedar 40-50 20-25
Other hedge plants are available    


1. Allow fescue to grow to 6 inches before cutting it to 4 inches. Taller
grass will screen out crabgrass and grow deeper roots.

2. In hot weather above 90 degrees, cut fescue once every two weeks.

3. Water only once a week for 60 minutes for fescue under irrigation and 30 minutes for dripline plants.

4. Fertilize fescue with Scott's Turf Builder in February, 16-4-8 in May Scott's Winterizer in October.

5. Fertilize plants once a year with 14-14-14 or 18-6-12 Osmocote in April.

6. Fertilize any plant with Miracle Gro in April, May, June and July only for fast top growth.

7. Trim plants after they bloom.

8. Preemergence on planting beds in February, June, and September.

9. Preemergence on the lawn when you are not reseeding after your new grass has been cut 4 times. Scott's Halts preemergence up to 4 months and is applied February and June only.

  We at Providence Nursery Farms, Inc. are proud to help you create the most attractive residential landscape in the neighborhood. 

Contact Providence Nursery Farms, Inc. today at 704-288-1131 to get a free estimate, or browse our website for more information about landscape design or planting and watering schedule.

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